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Welcome to Galaxy Geese Removal

We don't leave until the geese do

📢 Exciting News! 🐾

We are thrilled to introduce the newest member of our team at "Galaxy Geese Removal," the one and only border collie - "Duke"

Duke, the highly intelligent and agile border collie, has officially joined our dog geese removal company. With his exceptional herding skills and boundless energy, Duke is all set to take on the mission of keeping those pesky geese away from our clients' properties.


About Galaxy Geese Removal

We understand that Canadian geese can cause significant negative impacts in public spaces such as parks, athletic fields, and golf courses. Their flocks can cause damage to these areas, and their feathers and feces may contaminate water sources. Additionally, excessive grazing can lead to shoreline erosion. Furthermore, during nesting season, geese can become aggressive and disturb local residents with their honking. Moreover, goose droppings can be very corrosive and may damage patios, decks, and stone walkways. To prevent this, it's essential to hose down these areas regularly. With the average goose defecating more than 100 times a day and foraging geese eating about four pounds of grass daily, there is an urgent need to manage their population and prevent their damaging effects. That's where my team and I come in. We use highly trained herding dogs or remote-controlled cars and boats to herd the geese and keep them away from public spaces. This helps prevent damage to these areas and ensures a safe and clean environment for everyone to enjoy.

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